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Plotting 4 variables in a single plot

8 minute read

Visualizing the relation between two variables using a simple plot is a common task. When we have many variables, we often try to reduce dimensionality first...

Applications of Phylin (Part 3 of 3)

7 minute read

This is the last post of a series of 3 dedicated to phylin. The idea was to show different uses of phylin that would go beyond the typical application of the...

The Game of Life

5 minute read

The Conway’s Game of Life always fascinated me. Just some apparently living squares that could remain alive or die accordingly to just a few rules. In fact, ...

Applications of Phylin (Part 2 of 3)

9 minute read

The previous post started a series of 3 posts dedicated to the package that I have developed with my colleagues. After using 3 dimensional distance matrices,...

Applications of Phylin (Part 1 of 3)

7 minute read

Last September I was invited to make a post on the Molecular Ecology Spotlight. This was a small post to highlight some of the main features of the phylin R ...

Converting QGIS layer to kmz

3 minute read

I have developed layer2kmz plug-in for QGIS that allows to convert a layer in QGIS to kmz format. The advantage of this plugin over other translations to kml...

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